As a long-time partner of the Nuit du Hack event, Sysdream has been hosting the Capture The Flag challenge for years. This time, we will welcome the top 10 teams, that passed the online qualification of last April, for a night of competition. The challenge will follow the attack- defense format: every team has an identical network and uses its skills to find, exploit and patch vulnerabilities under constant enemy fire. On site, the public dashboard will display most of the information. You can follow also us on Tweeter for a live tweet session, using #ndhctf.

About the teams

We want you to get to know better the selected teams! That's why, we asked them to send us some information about them. Below is how they introduce themselves:

#1 Tasteless

Tasteless Logo We are a small, private and international CTF Team, not affiliated with anyone or anything. Free to PWN the world!

#2 0ops

0ops Logo 0ops is a security research team based in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The team was founded in 2013. We play various CTFs and host our own events 0CTF. We have a rapid growth in the past year and our secret of success is to drink as much Coke as we can when we pwn.

#3 Scryptos

Scryptos Logo Scryptos is rad. DWANGO is cool. CTFs are awesome, and so are you.

#4 Stratum Auhuur

Stratum Auhuur Logo Stratum Auhuur is a joint venture of two German CTF teams CCCAC and Stratum 0. Both teams were founded at the similar named hackerspaces in Aachen and Brunswick.
Based on our German precision, we do know that crane platforms have to be condensed and everything else is a baking tray. We are going to have fun, that's the only thing that counts.
See you in Paris^W Disneyland \o/


DCUA Logo Team dcua was founded in 2012 by members of DC02139 defcon international group based in Kiev, Ukraine. It has since actively participated in CTFs of various levels, resulting in CTFtime global rating #5 in 2013, #6 in 2014 and 2015, and currently in 2016 close to TOP-1.
Twitter @DefConUA

#6 Samurai

Samurai Logo {Samurai CTF is a diverse group of security specialists joining together to help one another pursue their passion for learning through competition. We extend our thanks to the NDH organizers for continuing to host this competition and wish our competitors good luck in the competition.
Twitter @SamuraiCTF

#7 Hexpresso

Hexpresso Logo Hexpresso is a pleasant french IT security team, where the teamwork and great atmosphere are more important than results. Founded in 2013, the team currently has about ten active members and 20 active idlers.
We try to publish write-ups as much as possible on our github [1] or on our members twitter.
By the way, we are still looking for enthusiasts teammates, willing to come, play and learn with us. To make it nice for everybody, we try to mix team composition for events such as "Nuit Du Hack".
We currently have self-taught, students, and even professionals cyber-security people; so everyone's welcome. Bring your own *** and knife, and start hacking!
Github hexpresso
Twitter @HexpressoCTF

#8 khack40

khack40 Logo Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, who consectetur adipiscing elit.
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Twitter @khack40

#9 Fourchette Bombe

Fourchette Bombe Logo {{ team.description }}


CBLC Logo CBLC is actually LC?BC (surprise!).