Le projet Hershell a pour but de réaliser un payload de type reverse shell multi-plate-forme, en utilisant un code source unique réalisé en Go.

Il peut ainsi s'intégrer au framework Metasploit avec un bon niveau de furtivité vis-à-vis des solutions antivirales.

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Gespage is web solution providing a printer portal. Official Website: http://www.gespage.com/

The web application does not properly filter several parameters sent by users, allowing XSS code injection. These vulnerabilities allow attackers to inject code inside the client web browser, such as malicious scripts in Javascript. Exploitation leads to a full takeover of the web browser, and potentially the operating system.

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UCOPIA solutions bring together a combination of software, appliance and cloud services serving small to large customers.

More than 12,000 UCOPIA solutions are deployed and maintained by UCOPIA expert partners all over the world.

The affected asset in this report is a WiFi management appliance, in which we found a CHROOT escape and privileges escalation.

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