After a 2-day competition with 18 challenges available for a maximum of 4300 points, there are five winners that we would like to congratulate again:

  1. dotelite
  2. evosec
  3. 0x90r00t
  4. AperiKube
  5. d3vzer0

Classement Wargame HIP2019

Since we all love statistics, here are some interesting facts:

  • The winner, dotelite solved 13 challenges and scored 2700 points;
  • dotelite and evosec are the only teams who solved RootMyNeighbour and Updater;
  • MeetYourDoctor1 was the most completed challenge with 38 validations;
  • d3vzer0 completed two challenges at 1AM, congrats for keeping up the work so late!
  • Once dotelite reached the first place, they never gave up their position and grew a gap of 650 points between them and the second place;
  • AperiKube tried their best to stay on the second place until the end, but evosec kept some flags for the end of the challenge and passed them.

We made a contest for the most interesting writeups. But before giving you the name of the winners, we would like to thank all the participants. We received a lot of great contributions and the choice has not been easy. Here are our (unordered) winners:

Thanks again to all the challengers, we hope that you had fun this year. We can't wait to see you next year with new challenges for Hack In Paris 2020, from June 15th to the 19th at the Maison de la Chimie!

HIP Wargame