Hack in Paris – The backstage

Welcome to you, reader of this paper. Come with us, and live Hack in Paris as we did! Discover the backstage of this event. Let’s put some light on the shadow of this week.

One week before the event, “#HIP16 is coming”

Monday, it is 8:30am; coffee is flowing into our cups, our eyes still glued by the sleep. The sun is rising up. Computer on. E-mails, twitter, planning, article, phone call… It is 9:30am and we all are already running to fix the lasts bugs of this project. She is taking the last calls, he is sending emails, others are packing things.

“Goodies? Check; Programs? Check; Cables? Check …” This little song hummed by the all team throughout the week has begun. Everything has to be perfect and most important: not forgotten.

Badges, blunderer, pens, bags, catalogs… All the little hands are working hard to pack in the stuff we are going to need. A long week, without any fixed planning. Just doing what needs to be done.

It’s already Friday, 07:00pm, last emails, last boxes, stress is coming out. The die is cast. The rest will be figured out on-the-job. After all, that’s the event voodoo!

Monday, Implementation day

Hello guys! It is 7:00am, we are arriving on site. Coffee in one hand, paper in the other, the conductor leads the play.

“Upstairs we need more indication. You there, did you place on the kakemono? You, do you have the paper about the trainers? Everybody please comes here: debriefing before the go live”

All rooms are checked, some tables added, we are ready to place the goodies on the student tables: a bag within a t-shirt, some information about Sysdream and other goodies. And on each tables a pen and a notebook. Everybody is where he is supposed to be, no problem. Take a big breath…. Ready? Set, Hut! We are ready to go through those 3 days.

This play will be performed for a week. We have to be on top. And there we go: doors are opening. Downstairs, some welcome our students and trainers, upstairs other are taking their name to check in. Badge on, students are ready for 2 or 3 days of training!

Peter Van Eeckhoutte - Corelan® “ADVANCED” Aseem Jakhar - Offensive IoT Exploitation Ajin Abraham – Websec Ninja, Master the lesser known webattacks

Good luck guys!

Tuesday, Act II

People are arriving, most of the two days training are beginning today, it’s 9:00. The same play is performed here at the Maison de la Chimie: welcoming, check in, placing, and the air conditioner dance. All day long, our team was chasing the temperature with a remote control! “Too cold? Too warm? No problem, Sysdream’s team is here to help you”.

Replying some e-mails, fixing details, the Sysdream’s team is also working during the day! The technical support is here to help the training to going well. Some cables need to be added, an adaptable strip bought, scanning the network to understand what’s going on, he is the guy.

Last day of Ajin Abraham, we collect the survey, well guys, see you tomorrow.

Peter Van Eeckhoutte – Corelan® “ADVANCED” Aseem Jakhar – Offensive IoT Exploitation Ajin Abraham – Websec Ninja, Master the lesser known webattacks Julien Moinard – Hardware Hacking training with Hardsploit Framework Nicolas Grégoire – Advanced web Security testing with Burp Pro Dawid Czagan – Hacking web applications - case studies of award-winning bugs in Google, Yahoo, Mozilla and more

Wednesday, Last day training

Last day for the students, some are exhausted (that’s the intense effect!) but they seem to love it! We just welcomed our last trainer of this Hack in Paris edition. The day is going on, still doing the air conditioner dance. It’s a bit cold out-side; we begin to be unsure for tomorrow night. We are going to give a cocktail party in a garden! Can’t rain! The day is going on, fixing more bugs. The tech support still scans, fix, helps, do his job to maximize the comfort of our guests.

As the day wore on, we look at this: fluid, without any problems, we were quite happy!

“Remove this cable right now! Do it! I don’t understand… something weird is happening on the network… They must be scanning everything haha! Here, use your phone with this cable, they found the hidden network!”

After a little moment of fear, everything is coming back in order. Keep doing our daily job.

05:30pm, it’s the end of the day. The tech support is joined by two more members of the crew to remove the cables and clean up the rooms. One hour! They are fast! Well done guys!

We are going to meet again at Sysdream for the private party. See you later!

Peter Van Eeckhoutte – Corelan® “ADVANCED” Aseem Jakhar – Offensive IoT Exploitation Julien Moinard – Hardware Hacking training with Hardsploit Framework Nicolas Grégoire – Advanced web Security testing with Burp Pro Dawid Czagan – Hacking web applications - case studies of award-winning bugs in Google, Yahoo, Mozilla and more Alvaro Alexander Soto – Introduction to Advanced Physical Digital Forensics for law enforcement / corporate

Wednesday, Ev’ Party

Since the first edition, Sysdream is giving this party to bring together Trainers and Speakers. The trainers just had 3 days at Hack in Paris, they were the stars of the event, and now they pass the baton to the Speakers for the last two days. A great and wonderful buffet is waiting for us. Winn is already in our office, making himself at home. Well, he is… And it’s fun to see him living here, like he was always there.

07:00pm, the rest is arriving. The all crew is here to meet up and talk with them. Speakers, trainers, some VIP and the Sysdream’s team. Everybody is here to celebrate this 6th Edition! The party is going on. We see smiles everywhere! Look over there! Jayson is making an awkward hug!

Sysdream's Ev

Well guys, it’s late, some of us needs to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day!

Thursday, first talk Day!

A brand new place! But with the same amazing Maison de la Chimie’s crew. Helps a lot actually! 07:00am, night was short! But the team is already on site, and the conductor leads once more the play.

Sponsors tables, kakemono, reception point, auditorium, break room, everything has to be set up and checked before the opening of the doors.

"At this precise moment, a big wave of stress is growing up inside each member of the crew. "We are doing it. It's beginning. The end of 6 months of hard work is beginning... Let's do it!" that's what everybody has got in mind..."

The doors open... The first guest is coming in.. The show start again! The KEYNOTE speakers,Sandra and Jesus, are arriving on time. Going upstairs, someone shows them where to wait, they are a bit stressed "no worries, it's gonna be okay". The room is fill in slowly.

Winn Swchartau is going on stage as welcome speech to present Hack in Paris while the room is filling in more and more.

Winn on stage

It's 9:15am, Sandra Guasch and Jesus Choliz are on stage, let's begin this 6th edition of talks at Hack in Paris!

The speakers follow one after the other, everything is going well. The room is really full! Amazing! The stress goes down, everything come back in order and flows naturally.

Problem with the debate solved! Mark couldn't come? No problem! We are going to skype! Fixing the details with the sound and video manager, yes! It's up! We are going to try a debate with videoconferencing!

04:30pm, while some of the crew are on stage for the debate, other on our sponsors check point, other still helping people at the reception, some of us are going to the Café des Marronniers for the Cocktail Party. The sky is gray, we hope it's going to be okay!

Thursday, Cocktail Party

Arriving at the Café des Marronniers, everything is slowly becoming amazing. Modifying here and there. Yup! It's perfect!

07:00pm, people are arriving, we finally open the access and go! The teams for the "Pétanque" are being created, the waiting queue for the drinks is quite fast, the "petits fours" are being served and eaten, everything seems to be okay.

The party is going on, we just had the visit of the security of the Jardin des Tuilleries, we need to move a lot of decoration as fast as possible. Fortunately we had some help from the Café's crew. While the Sysdream's crew was taking care of the guests, the Café des Marronniers's crew helped us to change the decoration place. A little stress, but nothing after all!

Everybody is laughing, enjoying, chilling out. Is that who is called a "good ev"? Seems to be... While the party is going on, we just take a few minutes to offer Winn a surprise! A birthday cake!

Oh boy, it's late, and tomorrow we have another day full with action! Everybody is going home, good night, see you tomorrow!

Friday, second talk day

08:00am, coffee is needed! The all team still sleeps a bit. "Great ev last night no? Yeah!"

09:00am, everybody stands where he is supposed to be. Matias Katz is already on stage, waiting to start the second KEYNOTE.

Last talk just ended, Olivier FRANCHI Director of Sysdream is going on stage with the team to close this edition.

"Another great edition! More than 500 people attended! Thanks to every single people who came by. Speakers, trainers, journalists, guests, sponsors. Also, thanks to the team, they are right in front of you. But also to the team who stayed at the office. See you tomorrow for the Nuit Du Hack, or next year!"

It's now 06:30pm. "That's it! 6month of work swept in a snap! They are smiling. Well. Hope it was okay on their side!"

We are now going home, tomorrow is another hard day, the Nuit Du Hack is waiting for us! See you soon!

Kind regards, the Hack in Paris team.