Gespage is a web solution providing a printer portal. Official Website:

The web application does not properly filter several parameters sent by users, allowing authenticated SQL code injection (Stacked Queries - comment).

These vulnerabilities could allow attackers to retrieve / update data from the database through the application.

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FortiWeb is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) produced by the Fortinet company. It enables users to set security filters between unsecured networks and Web applications.

Official website:

We found a password disclosure inside the UI of the appliance.

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UCOPIA solutions bring together a combination of software, appliance and cloud services serving small to large customers.

More than 12,000 UCOPIA solutions are deployed and maintained by UCOPIA expert partners all over the world.

The affected asset in this report is a WiFi management appliance, in which we found a CHROOT escape and privileges escalation.

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